Our center performs operations within the scope of general and aesthetic surgery, that is: minor surgical procedures (breast nodule removal, nail plate removal, nail wall aesthetics, abscess incision, Esperal implantation), dermatologic surgery (removing lesions - cysts, fibromas, lipomas, lentigos), operational scar and hernia corrections (with accordance to the Polish Hernia Club standards) and breast nudule operations.
Vascular surgery in our center involves miniphlebectomy of the lower extremities and long stripping of the inefficient vessel. The varices of the lower extremities can be also treated no-surgically by foam sclerotherapy. In the hear future, purchasing of a transdermal laser is planned. We also perform arteriovenous fistulas for dialysis therapy.
We also offer proctological services. We perform examinations and endoscopy of the large intestine with particular focus on cancer profilactics. Diagnostics and advice within the scope of proctology (anoscopy, rectoscopy, sigmoidoscopy) are performed under the contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ). Additionally, our private practice offers other operations within the scope of proctology, i.e.: polypectomy, anal fistula and fissure treatment, removal of pilonidal cyst and hemorrhoid treatment. Depending on the advancement of the disease, we perform: conservative, low invasive or operational treatment. The majority of hemorrhoids (90%) can be treated efficiently by conservative or operational methods. The low invasive methods performed at our center are rubber band ligation (Barron’s method) and sclerotherapy
The center cooperates with the Department of Anatomical Pathology in the Autonomous Public District Hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski where the samples for histopathological examination are sent.